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GATE INC. TRAINING & CONSULTING has partnered with Rocheston to bring you cutting-edge, extremely advanced, innovative training and certification on Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Autonomous Vehicles, AR/VR, AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Robotics, Biometrics, 5G, Voice Control, Quantum Computing, Drones, Blockchain and Neural Networks.

GATE INC. TRAINING & CONSULTING will be offering training on RCIE, CCIO and RCBE at our Bamenda and Douala office. Students will be able to take the certifications exams at our VUE exam center.

About Rocheston:

Rocheston is a New York based organization that provide training, certification and accreditation in business standards and help clients improve their organization business practices by defining and implementing innovative accredited compliance programs. Rocheston's flagship programs such the Certified Master of Business Leadership (CMBL), Certified Chief Innovation Officer (CCIO) and Rocheston Certified Internet of Things Engineer (RCIE) train individuals and companies to thrive in the dynamic and competitive futuristic business environment of today.

At its core, Rocheston is an innovation company with cutting-edge research and development in emerging technologies such as Internet of Things, big data and automation.

Rocheston’s certification programs are aimed at providing highly advanced training to students, professionals and organizations with the necessary skillsets to deal with the current dynamic global business landscape. Our programs are carefully and comprehensively designed to impart the best of knowledge and understanding about Innovation, IoT, Big Data and Business Leadership and help professionals and companies achieve business excellence.



Rocheston’s goal is to not only recognize and promote innovation, but also to encourage and to foster it. In our effort to help companies stay innovative, we provide a multitude of courses on innovation, IoT, big data and global management that allows employees and management to bring a global outlook into their business and understand the elements of innovation in their respective industries.



Training & Consulting
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