It All Starts with IC3 Digital Literacy

A digitally literate foundation is essential to support success in both scholastic endeavors and employability demands. IC3 Digital Literacy Certification validates a learner’s knowledge, certifying that they have the know-how to use a computer and the essential applications while safely and securely navigating our modern digital world.

IC3 Digital Literacy Certification is dedicated to ensuring learners of all ages can not only navigate our digital age, but thrive in it. IC3 Digital Literacy works closely with the Global Digital Literacy Council, an advisory body of industry executives, technology educators, and assessment professionals, to collect data from job markets, educational ministries, governmental agencies, and international standard setting bodies, to ensure it's always on the front lines of what it means to be digitally literate.

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IC3 Digital Literacy Certification is the foundation to support technical learning, including all Certiport’s official industry-recognized certification programs.